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EMOD Water-cooled three-phase motors

EMOD UK DistributerWater-cooled
three-phase motors

  • at extreme environmental conditions as dust, fibre material, dirt and moisture
  • for very low-noise machines
  • if the heat loss should not be emitted directly to the ambient atmosphere (air-conditioned rooms)
  • at increased ambient temperature or radiant heat.
  • for machines with heat exchanger to use the heat loss of the motor
  • for operating at frequency converter with constant torque and a wide speed range
  • for degree of protection up to IP 67 without power reduction
  • as asynchronous generators for combined heat and power modules (CHP modules)

EMOD Water-cooled frame: Frame size 71 to 160:
A spiral tube of stainless steel is casted in a motor housing of aluminium alloy.

With the forced water cooling the motor can operate with the standard position of the water connections independent from the mounting position.

Frame size 180 to 450:
The characteristic of the grey cast iron housing is a forced water-cooling. Dependent on the variable position of the water connections and the mounting position, it can be necessary to use an air relief valve for the cooling system. The special design of the housing allows the cleaning of the water-cooling circuit.

CAMIS are UK Approved Distributers of EMOD Motors