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EMOD Submersible Motors

The submersible motors are three-phase squirrel-cage motors

EMOD UK DistributerDesigned for operating below water.

The submersible motors have degree of protection IP68 and are useable for maximum depth of 30metres. The motors are available for direct mounting to the drive or as complete unit with oil cup and mechanical face seal.

To run dry a forced cooled version with a cooling jacket is available.

For operating in hazardous area, a corresponding motor type can be selected in degree of protection “flameproof” EEx d IIB T4 according to Directive 94/9/EG.

Type series – characteristic

TMUNZ Range of output 1,5 – 7,5kW, compact design case, fin-cooled and lateral mounted cable gland EExd-DPMNZ Type TMUNZ in hazardous-duty type flameproof Ex d IIB T4

Type series – characteristic: TMU Range of output 1,5 – 250kW, with slim smooth housing and mounted cable end shield at NDE. The connection cable exits axial to NDE with a cable entry in the cable end shield. The cable is connected to a terminal board or terminal block below the cable end shield. EExd-DPM Type TMUN in hazardous-duty type flameproof Ex d IIB T4 Frame size 90 to 315:  The components oil cup, mechanical face seal and leakage electrode shown in the sectional drawing are available at extra costs.

CAMIS are UK Approved Distributers of EMOD Motors