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EMOD three-phase encapsulated motors

TM three-phase encapsulated motors Degree of protection IP 67 up to 6 kW

EMOD UK DistributerTM motors are specially designed, waterproof, squirrel-cage single-speed motors without self-ventilation.

TM-motors are immersible and shortly submersible. the motors do have a degree of protection IP 67 according to dIn en 60 034 part 5.


Suitable for virtually all extreme operating environments with dust, fibre flight, dirt and water.

For instance, as drives in

  • washeries
  • textile plants with fibre flight
  • meat processing and food industry
  • bottling and packing plants
  • upper-deck duties of ships
  • harbour, wharf and sewage installations
  • pump drives


  • Frame sizes 63 – 80 smooth frames
  • Frame sizes 90 –112 ripped frame
  • Cast aluminium alloy end shields
  • Frame sizes 63 –132 Im B5 grey cast iron GG 20
  • Frame sizes 63 –132 Im B14 cast aluminium alloy

motor shaft:

  • St 60 (rust- and acidproof material available at extra price)
  • In case of increased hygiene affords, tm-motors can be
  • manufactured out of stainless steel.
  • the mechanical design could be lightly different to the
  • standard motors.

Please send us your inquiry.

Shaft seals
radial sealing to dIn 3760 with permanent grease lubrication.
Special shaft seals for mounting gear boxes or pumps are available.

Motor connection
Standard version: with terminal box. A drawn-out cable is available at an extra price.

Brake motors
tm-motors can be extended to become brake motors type tmB by mounting a spring-loaded brake.