EMOD Crane and hoist drive motors

EMOD Postioning drivesEMOD Crane and hoist drive motors Positioning drives

EMOD UK Distributer

Traction, stroke and positioning drives are specially designed for the requests of conveying devices.

They distinguish by:

  • low starting current
  • approximate no pull-up acceleration
  • even run-up acceleration
  • practical permissible number of operations

In the table the power output and speed are listed for the usual number of poles and operating modes. The drives are designed to regenerative braking. It is necessary to switch to the lowest speed before the Mechanical brake is activated, thereby the consumption of brake lining is minimized.  It is possible to enlarge the traction, stroke and positioning drives with a gearbox and a fail-safe brake.

CAMIS are UK Approved Distributers of EMOD Motors