Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Winkelmann develop and produce DC and three-phase asynchronous motors. Main products include IEC DC Motors, Flameproof DC Motors and three phase asynchronous motors.

Website: www.w-winkelmann.com

Whether water-cooled or explosion-proof, EMOD has the right drive for every application. Highly trained specialists and high-performance special tools ensure that EMOD can tackle complex special requirements. From planning, design, through to delivery and assembly, everything comes from a single source.


Crompton Controls offer a full range of control gear products and provide bespoke solutions to suit any application


Rotomag has been manufacturing high performance D.C. and A.C. motors as well as gearboxes and electric drive systems for over 20years. In addition to a range of over 500 types of permanent magnet D.C. and wound field D.C. motors their products include geared motors, transaxles and wheel drives for a wide range of industries and applications.


With its own manufacturing, distribution, R&D and customer service teams, OMEC Motors provides continuity, reliability and integrated solutions across a range of industry sectors.

Website: https://www.omecmotors.com/

offers a range of motors that is particularly adapted to the ventilation market and mass equipment production. The range comprises three-phase and single-phase motors that are certified in the T4 temperature class, the main characteristics of which include reduced size and an attractive price based on a minimum annual volume.

Website: www.atav.be/en/

 has developed the most comprehensive range of electric motors for hazardous areas: flameproof, increased safety and non-sparking for the oil & gas, marine and mining industries.

Website: www.cemp-international.it/en/home-eng/

SEW-EURODRIVE is one of the leading manufacturers of drive technology in the world. Their product range includes gearmotors, gear units, electric motors, components for decentralised installation, electronically controlled drives, mechanical variable-speed gear units, as well as bespoke drive solutions.”

Website: https://www.sew-eurodrive.co.uk

Kaiser Motoren concentrates on special motors for textile machines, food pumps and medical centrifuges with speeds up to 30,000 rpm. They also offer expertise in the field of simulating special drive problems with inverter operation.

Website: https://www.kaiser-motoren.de/en/

Expow An ATEX range of asynchronous explosion-proof cast iron motors, single-phase and three-phase, size 40 to 132.

Website: https://www.moteurs-expow.com/